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Do you have Covid Blues?

How have the virus, the lockdowns, the uncertainty affected you?

Some people claim to have ridden the storm, they have come out of this stronger and very focussed, but I suspect they are in the minority.

Others have been affected by the pandemic quite badly, or at least negatively. Many I speak to are not just tired, they are weary. Many of my contacts claim they are finding it difficult to reach the same level of energy and momentum as they experienced pre-covid.

Alongside the physical issues, of equal concern is our mental state.  Many have suffered without actually having Covid.  The lockdowns, the masks, the zoom calls, the restrictions, the sad loss of friends and family and the relentless ‘bad news’ that the media throws at us, have all taken their toll. 

Do we talk about our melancholy?  Probably not.  Like me, you have learned that the response to the question ‘how are you?’ should never be ‘not great thank you’.  Only close friends will be genuinely interested in our welfare. More business will be done with people who are ‘good thanks’ than those who are ‘not great’.

A year or so ago, when feeling… despondent, I decided to answer truthfully, the question ‘how are you?’ I noticed two things:

1/ Everyone expressed concern, but conversations were shorter, unless that is I made a point of ‘perking up’.

2/ Asking the health of others, resulted in a range of answers between ‘great’ and nothing worse than ‘ok thanks’.

If there is genuine concern, they may ask again, ‘no, how are you really?’ Now that’s a friend.

What can we deduce from this?

  • Only true friends want to know the real answer, and are likely to help.
  • Acquaintances or new contacts will make the expected social responses but are likely to feel uncomfortable enough to withdraw from the conversation at an early stage.

What can we learn from this?  Nobody likes a grumbler!

If you do need help, confide in real friends who you know will be genuine and care about you. You can also enlist the help of someone who has proven skills in wellbeing and mind-reset. I did.

If you aim to gain profitable business contacts, there is only one effective solution……fake it! 

Seriously, I used this option when I felt less than my usual ‘jolly’ self, and I found that my smile was infectious and the contact’s mood improved. It proved far more likely I would develop a good business relationship with this approach.

As a useful by-product of this, my own mood improved, as I smiled, they smiled as we got to know each other better.

I do not normally advocate this approach, and still say fake nothing but your mood. However, this is one time when you both benefit from the ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ approach.  It’s in the power of the smile!

Business management

What is the (business) world coming to?

So much has changed. Some things will stay changed. What are the better things you would want to keep?

Would you keep:

  • Zoom/Teams to reduce travelling to meetings?
  • Masks to hide behind?
  • Reduced physical contact to avoid space invasion?
  • Sanitisation to avoid others’ germs?

…or is there something else, some other surprise change you want to keep, or feel we should keep?

During lockdown I found myself swapping business breakfasts with regular grazing during home office breaks. Maybe I lost some self-discipline. I certainly did not lose any weight!

Since returning to some in-the-room business networking, I have found people to be keener to engage in conversation, perhaps a little less in-a-hurry? I like this aspect, but suspect it may not last as we begin to return to ‘the norm’. Is this your experience too?

But the norm is what we make of it and we are not yet fully unlocked.

We can choose a new way of behaving, new ways to engage or communicate.

We do not have to go back to all of the ‘old ways’.

What old habits/ways of working would you want to change?

What would you want to keep?


Salient December Workshops

First impressions are so important.

Can you make a positive impact from the start?

Do you display style AND substance?

Are you ready to join some sales workshops?!

Yes, now is a great time to brush up on your selling skills. Markets have been slow to re-awaken, and some even appear to be returning to the caves from which they have just ventured. Feedback has told me that, in general, the business world is trying hard to get back to some form of normality.

They will be looking at their existing suppliers, and some will be looking for new suppliers.  Are you ready for this?

Would a couple of sales workshops help you to brush up on these essential skills for growing your business?

Salient has two workshops coming up, a single and a double.

On Thursday 9th December, we have a full day of workshops, starting with ‘Selling Yourself’ in the morning, and ‘Smart Networking’ in the afternoon. In the morning, discover key skills in how to make a good impression, and have a positive impact, amongst other key skills for selling yourself.  These can then be used in the afternoon workshop.  In Smart Networking we look at how to work the room, know when to start…and stop, follow a simple plan and achieve your objectives and then to gain at least 4 good contacts from each event, and double your chances of finding new business!

For more details, follow THIS link!

On Monday 13th December, we have a half-day workshop called 5 Short-Cuts to Winning Sales.  This is a great opportunity to learn some of the winning ways of sales professionals as well as developing an ideas session for all to apply these ideas to their businesses. New ideas, adapting and applying them to best effect in your business.

Again, for more details, follow THIS link!

If you need to recover some of the ground you may have lost during the pandemic, then now is the best time to think forward and be able to hit the ground running in the new year….which starts in just 6 weeks’ time!

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Experiencing difficulty bouncing back after Covid?

Having trouble re-emerging into the market? Do you think your business looks and feels a bit ‘stale’? What can you do? Bouncing back after Covid-19 doesn't need to be difficult, I can help.

Here are some useful thoughts:

I worried too!

Before the lockdowns business for Salient was good. Beyond a few regular ‘tweaks’ I felt nothing needed to change, people were still expressing interest and buying my courses and sessions.

Then Covid came and people were furloughed, projects were put on ice, work slowed and, in some areas, stopped.  Why would people invest in Salient offers when they had no idea when they would be able to get a return on their investment?  It became difficult to promote something which had become of less perceived immediate value to the markets.

Does this sound familiar to you?

I felt I had a choice of three ways forward:

  1. Try and continue selling to a significantly smaller active market
  2. Put everything on ice; try and ride-the-storm
  3. Or, could I try some more lateral thinking?

Did I still want to have a business at the end of this? YES!

a screen displaying the words 'in process'

Therefore I needed to focus on two key tasks:

  1. Maintain a profile, and
  2. Develop some additional and attractive new offers.

Maintaining profile is comparatively straight forward with social media and on-line networking.

Developing new additional offers was more difficult.  Many planning sessions, business analysis and key-person discussions, produced some useful ideas to add to the Salient offers:

  • Live-On-Line courses and sessions (LOL!)
  • Recorded courses and modules: my full sales programme on video in modular form,

(- available from the new and upgraded website). 

  • Group workshops – brainstorming, structured or unstructured, ‘Inspiration to Action’
  • One-to One Coaching Sessions – more structured and goal orientated
  • Extra high-level modules for corporate courses and programmes
  • Salient Gems – weekly videoed tips and ideas to help you sell more.

These would also prove to be valuable for when businesses re-emerged from hibernation.

I have completed 80% of the above. Already, interest levels are good, and sales have started.

So if you're having trouble bouncing back after Covid, consider teaming up with Salient Sales & Training, let us help you to streamline that adjustment period.

What's next?

This is my story.  If you need help to generate ideas for your business, and to develop processes to see them through, then please be in touch. I offer guidance and mentoring to help ensure their success.

You can click HERE to contact us. Or why not connect on social media so you'll be first to access offers, quick tips and new courses as we release them: Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter!