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Ethical and Inspirational

At Salient Sales & Training we believe aggressive or pressure sales techniques are not the way forward for successful sales and business growth. Therefore we have developed a more effective approach to sales, based on integrity, that builds worthwhile business relationships and encourages two-way loyalty. ‘Ethical Sales’ techniques will help guarantee repeat business and referrals, making business growth easier and more rewarding.


Who can we help?

Salient Sales & Training can tailor our sales, marketing and business training to suit your needs. We run both tailored courses and open courses as well as mentoring packages.

We provide individuals and businesses, large and small, with a wide range of skills, techniques and tools to help them improve their performance in Sales, Marketing and Business Development.



We Provide:

Which best fulfils your need?

Sales and Marketing Training

Applicable to all industries, markets, products and services.

We run workshops and training courses that explore every stage of the sales process. With a focus on relationship selling, developing customer loyalty and repeat business, we’ll teach you techniques which will inspire you to go the extra mile.

Business Development Coaching

Your on-call business mentor will help you maintain drive and recognise your potential.

This program coaches you to improve your business, while also keeping you accountable for your goals. Soon you’ll see your business progressing faster and better than before you started working with your Salient Mentor!

Sales Booster

Your like minded quarterly ideas and action group!

Group sessions consist of up to 4 people, plus lead, in a guided discussion that facilitates the sharing of ideas and creation of actionable tasks. If you’re looking to boost business, overcome barriers, or develop processes this will benefit you.

A format for every need:

All Salient courses and sessions are now available Recorded, Live-on-line, or Live in-the-room – that’s recorded in modular form as suits your needs, or live on zoom (or your preferred platform), this is in addition to our conventional In-The-Room training courses. Tailored courses designed to exceed your needs, and your business needs:

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Start building the skills you need to sell ethically and succesfully!

Tailored courses designed to exceed your needs. We provide motivational and informative content which is easily understood and enables you to apply the expertise needed to build loyalty and sell repeatedly.

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