About Salient Sales & Training

Formed in 2007, Salient Sales & Training is on a mission to help businesses large and small to grow their sales and develop successful and ethical business growth strategies.

Following our core principles of value, integrity, professionalism and good humour we have helped dozens of individuals, startups and established companies to achieve sales improvement by providing them with a range of skills, techniques and tools.

Our mission is to de-mystify sales; to make it an ethical, respected and popular discipline.

Our vision is to become the supplier of choice for training, coaching and mentoring in sales, marketing and business development.

About Andy Entwistle

The founder of Salient Sales & Training, Andy Entwistle is an experienced trainer, coach and mentor with over twenty years’ experience in sales and marketing in a range of industries, including technical markets. Andy has been awarded a Fellowship of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management.

Our Associates

Andrew Hudson has 25 years’ experience in sales, marketing and business development and is also a Fellow of the ISMM.

David Joel specialises in Director Development, Bid Development & Support and Organisational Change Management and is experienced in running larger companies. His extensive knowledge, experience and down to earth approach have proved invaluable to many satisfied clients.

Have you checked out my book?

The Salient way offers a consistent, logical and ethical approach to sales that is easy to adapt for a business of any size.
From micro-business all the way up large multi-national.

“I have worked with Andy organising events and have always found him to pay careful attention to detail. Few things seem to distract him, adapting to changing circumstances with good humour and patience. He has a straightforward style to training putting his point across in an easy to understand way.”

Stuart Allinson, Independent Financial Adviser

More about Andy Entwistle

Life has never been dull!

Physics was my forte. I loved it. Then I looked at making a career of it. Tricky.

As many qualified physicists do, I moved into electronics. Circuit design was not a life-long ambition either, so I moved over to the commercial side.

In 1986 I won my first field sales job as a Sales Engineer. With various moves over the years, and as many different titles (most involving marketing as well as sales), I became Director and Sales Manager of a technical company in Banbury. With these years of experience and success under my belt I took stock of my career and sales in general, with the following deductions and results:

In the 80s and 90s the prevalent practice was one of confrontational sales, or ‘pressure selling’ as it was known. Sales techniques tended to revolve around manipulative, even aggressive techniques that put both seller and buyer under huge pressure. ‘Management by Intimidation’ was rife and competition was fierce for each opportunity.

My approach was different. I realised that confrontational sales was much less likely to result in repeat business and would gain far fewer referrals. I always tried to build worthwhile business relationships and two-way loyalty with a more engaging and challenging, and, invariably, a more effective approach.

Becoming freelance in 2004 gave me the opportunity to do this without intervention. I made sure my approach was tried, tested and successful in the field. Three years later I formed Salient Sales & Training as I felt I had proved that my ‘best practice’ was better and far more effective than the other methods. Sadly, such aggressive sales and marketing techniques still exist and are perpetuated by programmes such as The Apprentice.

Following discussions with contacts, customers and associates, I am always adding to my thoughts and materials to include new and improved techniques and approaches. More recently, I realised that few sales courses (I have seen none so far) actually consider in detail what the buyer would consider an advantage to the transaction. I am always encouraging the budding sales person to ‘put themselves in the buyer’s shoes’; to find out the buyer’s process and match their sales process to it. I see this as being of significant benefit to both ‘sides’ in a transaction.

To this end I have talked to three highly qualified and experienced buyers and established their needs and priorities from the transaction. The more the sales person knows what the buyer is looking for and thinking, the easier, faster and more effective the transaction. It will result in greater clarity and understanding, stronger relationships and loyalty, and, above all, a cost-effective and profitable sales/purchase.

The courses we run at Salient Sales & Marketing incorporate many such initiatives and I believe our experience, knowledge, skills, adaptability, and our friendly and ethical approach set us apart from other suppliers and make our methods that much more successful.

To find out more about how Salient Sales & Training can help you grow your business today call Andy on 01793 843118 or book a discovery call directly through our contact page.