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“Two (or more) heads are better than one for reasoning and perceptual decision-making.”

– The American Psychological Association

Salient Sales & Training offer group and one-on-one business development packages. Highly customisable to the needs of you and your business, our packages provide you valuable insight and new perspectives to help you develop a business growth plan that works for and supports you.

Each of the packages include the option to hold sessions ‘In-the-room’, or ‘On-Zoom’. Please note if attended in person, any government guidelines regarding virus control will applied as required, together with good common sense.


The 1-to-1 Coaching Day

– Now in its eighth year, with over 200 satisfied customers!

These sessions consist of 2½ + 2½ hours, which can be either one day or 2 separate half-days.

In a one to one setting; just you, me and your business, we will cover all things in relation to sales and business growth.

If you’re looking to boost your business, overcome barriers, gain ideas or develop a process that works, with you and your strengths in mind these sessions will benefit you.

Meetings can be held either face to face, or online via Zoom.


The Salient Mentoring Programme

– Now in its seventh year and still going strong

This is a mentoring programme which runs across several sessions – we will contact you to arrange times post purchase.

A one-on-one session designed to support you in identifying and setting objectives and targets to encourage new growth and success for both you and your business. You will benefit from access to insight in many areas, these include sales, marketing, customer care and much more.

Advice and coaching to will be tailored to you, ensuring you achieve your targets as well as encouraging you to initiate the processes and actions needed to develop your business and promote future growth and success.

Minimum 3 months commitment, pre-booked


Sales Booster

– A quarterly ideas and actions group! In response to customer demand.

Each session runs from 9:30 to 16:30 and includes a snack lunch, with the option for sessions in-the-room or on-zoom. The groups will consist of up to 4 people plus me in a guided discussion format with task generation.

The purpose of the sessions will be to facilitate the sharing of ideas, actionable advice and support amongst the group. This will provide you with fresh perspectives from four extra minds to help you develop and grow your business. The group format provides the encouragement to initiate processes and actions, as well as support to stick to objectives and advice. All of which, alongside regular reviews, will aid in both personal development and the building of actionable plans for the long-term benefit of your business.

Billing will be made at quarterly intervals

Contact us for dates!

To find out more about the Business Support packages available from Salient Sales & Training call Andy on 01793 843118 or book a meeting with us directly via the contact page.

Alternatively, you can find out more about marketing development here.