Marketing Strategy

A successful marketing strategy includes the following:

Every strategy starts with a plan. By understanding your products and services and who your target market is you can begin to develop the most effective marketing strategy techniques for your business.

Market Knowledge
You don’t always need to compete on price – but if you don’t understand your market and know what your competitors are offering, you’ll struggle to compete at all.

The Marketing Mix
The marketing mix means defining the 4 Ps: product, price, position and promotion. Once you know what you are marketing, you can start to work out how to market it.

The Message
Understanding your USP – unique selling proposition – is one of the most crucial areas of marketing strategy. Only when you know what makes you unique can you tell other people.

Routes to Market
Direct mail, social media, networking, newsletters, websites, flyers. There are so many tools and materials to communicate your message, but which ones are most effective? It all depends on what you’re marketing, and to whom. Once you reach this stage of the process you should have a clear idea.

Campaign Development
Marketing doesn’t stop at the sale. Developing an ongoing campaign increases profits and keeps your customers loyal to you.

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