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"Two (or more) heads are better than one for reasoning and perceptual decision-making.”

- The American Psychological Association

Salient Sales & Training offer group and one-on-one business development packages. Highly customisable to the needs of you and your business, our packages provide you valuable insight and new perspectives to help you develop a business growth plan that works for and supports you.

Each of the packages include the option to hold sessions 'in-the-room', or 'On-Zoom'. Please note that any sessions held in-the-room accommodate distancing, sanitising, the relevant government regulations, and good common sense.

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1-2-1 Mentoring - £139/month - 3 month committment - Bowman House - BILLED AT £417 PER QUARTER
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To find out more about the Business Support Group packages available from Salient Sales & Training call Andy on 01793 843118 or email for information.

Alternatively you can find out more about marketing development here.



The ‘NEW NORM’….who is Norm?

As we move slowly back towards life as we used to know it, people keep talking about the ‘New Norm’.  If you challenge them, they appear to have little or no idea as to what this New Normality will be. Many believe we will rely much more on the internet to do business...

We need proof!

We need proof. How many emails, written articles, blog posts, letters and so on, do you receive that are 100% spelt correctly or read well?  For me it is far too few. Almost every written contact I receive, or publication I read, has some form of mistake on it.  I’m...

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