Salient Recorded Courses

Salient Sales and Training provides training and coaching in sales, marketing and business development in three ways:

  • In person at your site or at the Salient office in Royal Wootton Bassett,

  • On-Line courses available in real-time on Zoom or your preferred platform

  • Recorded, covering the whole sales programme in modular form,

  • OPTIONS:  2,3,4 or 5-day courses in General Sales Training or Technical Sales Training.

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Are you looking to gain the skills needed to sell to technical markets?

Course and Module Content

Module 1 - Introductions & Marketing for Sales

to Salient & the course

50 Shades of Selling
what shade are you?

The Marketing Message
make a 'wow message'

The Performance Profile
How to be 'Super Sales'

Marketing Essentials Pt 1
the magic in the mix

Marketing Essentials Pt. 2
Packaging, tools & the power of the internet

Module 2 - Planning for Sales

A Planning Structure
the planning pyramid & the Salient Check List

KPIs & Other Metrics
to measure & manage the value of contingencies

The Sales Funnel
a powerful sales tool & the key to growth

Key requirements of planning
key questions & key actions

Module 3 - Prospecting & Targeting

the essential facts

Finding New Customers
finding your 'ideals' and making the best list

List Analysis
changing from long/cool to a short/hot list!

DMs, influencers & webs and 'Contact Warming System'

Module 4 - Contacting

Selling yourself
who are you? how could you improve? make yourself attractive!

Contact Preparation
develop 'hot contacts'!, objectives & follow-ups. What do you say?!

List Analysis
changing from long/cool to a short/hot list!

Module 5 - Pitching & Presenting

Differences & Commonalities
when to pitch & when to present

The Pitch
a simple structure - exceeding expectations

preparation & structure - Q&A & the interim close - the call to action

Module 6 - Negotiating

Introduction and Persuasion
objectives, limits & timescales; key prep

Questions & Answers
3 approaches & the essential follow-up

Key Techniques 1
'consensual negotiation' & dealing with objections

Key Techniques 2
silence!; competition; adding value; steer to close

Module 7 - Securing (Closing)

Preparing to Close
negotiation & closing - the winning team! Pre-deal checks

Different ways to secure the deal
classic closing techniques - the power of the interim

The 'Ultimate Close'
checklist & structure - 3 stress-free questions! Converting a 'no' to a 'yes'

Module 8 - Customer Management & Development

Customer Care & Service
opportunities, ladders, retention is key

Communication Management
ground rules, options, expectations & follow-up

The 'Extra Mile'
building loyalty, supporters & advocates

Key definitions
good supplier; good customer; good base

Tools for Development & Growth
the power of the Matrix - how to target key clients

The extra skills needed to sell successfully in Technial Markets

A brief revisit of each module in the sales process, showing where and how these extra skills are applied

How to use these skills and techniques to persuade and influence key personnel from both technical & commercial departments