Sales Development

“Everyone lives by selling something.”

- Robert Louis Stevenson

  • Do you struggle with the sales process?
  • Does ‘asking for the sale’ or ‘closing the deal’ fill you with dread?
  • Are you lacking the skills you need to successfully sell in your business?

While many business owners wait for customers to come to them, the most successful businesses follow a tried and tested sales process that works.

Salient Sales & Training runs workshops and training courses that explore every stage of the sales process and provide you with the skills, techniques and confidence you need to make more sales and increase your profits.

“I wanted to personally say thank you. Your training helped me turn things around. I am
currently working to a 90% conversion rate and this has only been achieved because of
your training.”

C.K. Marketing Consultant
“I’ve got more business in the pipeline for the first four months of this year than I had for the whole of last year”
Ed McKenzie, McKenzie Wealth Management
To find out more about the Sales Development courses available from Salient Sales & Training call Andy on 01793 843118 or email for information.

Alternatively you can find out more about marketing development here.

Case Study

The MD of a company offering management and administration services recognised that they were solely dependent on growing their business through recommendations. They wanted to start being more proactive in finding new clients – but didn’t know where to start. They commissioned Salient Sales & Training to provide a comprehensive sales and marketing course to their entire management team.  On the course they learnt new strategies that they started using straight away. They have a new three year business plan in place and have set targets and objectives to ensure significant growth in the business over the coming years.

Salient Sales & Training offers a wide range of training sessions, from a 1.5 hour workshop to a full five day programme. Whether you need specific help with individual areas or a general overview of the sales process, we can tailor the training to suit your requirements and timescale. To find out more, call us on 01793 843118 or email us today.

“A fun and informative day, focused on Sales & Marketing specifically for my business.”

N.C. MD Property Specialist

“A very interesting and well-structured course. Plenty to take away and apply.”
E.K. from eDivert
“Highly recommended.”
R.B. Accountant
“Credible, understanding & ethically delivered. With straightforward, easily delivered messages, this reminded me why I love sales.”
D.C. of Jessie May Charity
“Excellent training delivered in an informative and interesting way. Really useful, thank

L.F. Snr. Recruitment Manager



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