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Are you looking forward to the coming year? Are you all ready to grow your business in 2024?

If you have signed up to ‘Salient Inspiration – growing your own business’, then you are not only thinking about how to increase your turnover and profit, but you are also actually ready to do something about it.

‘Inspiration’ is a monthly sales idea generation and support programme from Salient.  Those who subscribe will receive access to the Salient Gems – 2–5-minute videos with a sales skill, technique or idea in each.  You will be invited to join a monthly reality-check zoom meeting, and a monthly face-to-face morning session where you can meet all members, exchange ideas, and learn new ways to boost your sales. 

This session will include an expert speaker covering a topic either directly or indirectly related to sales and business growth.  The first session is all about ‘Doubling your Sales in 2024’.  My favourite topic!

Besides this, subscribers will be able to arrange a one-to-one call with Andy Entwistle, trainer, coach, author, speaker and all-round expert in growing sales. Andy will be happy to help with sales-related problems, issues or barriers to growing sales.

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The aim of ‘Salient Inspiration’ is to make sales and selling easier, more effective and more fun. So, if you would like to double your turnover in 2024 and maintain a solid customer base, then subscribe to Salient Inspiration.

Subscription is only £30 per person per month, or £320 annually, that’s 12 months for the price of 10.

To find out more or sign-up, please call or email Andy on 07941 041364,

And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter, you’ll be kept up to date on the Salient happenings, including event reminders and upcoming speakers for Salient Inspiration events.

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Salient December Workshops

First impressions are so important.

Can you make a positive impact from the start?

Do you display style AND substance?

Are you ready to join some sales workshops?!

Yes, now is a great time to brush up on your selling skills. Markets have been slow to re-awaken, and some even appear to be returning to the caves from which they have just ventured. Feedback has told me that, in general, the business world is trying hard to get back to some form of normality.

They will be looking at their existing suppliers, and some will be looking for new suppliers.  Are you ready for this?

Would a couple of sales workshops help you to brush up on these essential skills for growing your business?

Salient has two workshops coming up, a single and a double.

On Thursday 9th December, we have a full day of workshops, starting with ‘Selling Yourself’ in the morning, and ‘Smart Networking’ in the afternoon. In the morning, discover key skills in how to make a good impression, and have a positive impact, amongst other key skills for selling yourself.  These can then be used in the afternoon workshop.  In Smart Networking we look at how to work the room, know when to start…and stop, follow a simple plan and achieve your objectives and then to gain at least 4 good contacts from each event, and double your chances of finding new business!

For more details, follow THIS link!

On Monday 13th December, we have a half-day workshop called 5 Short-Cuts to Winning Sales.  This is a great opportunity to learn some of the winning ways of sales professionals as well as developing an ideas session for all to apply these ideas to their businesses. New ideas, adapting and applying them to best effect in your business.

Again, for more details, follow THIS link!

If you need to recover some of the ground you may have lost during the pandemic, then now is the best time to think forward and be able to hit the ground running in the new year….which starts in just 6 weeks’ time!