How do you create positive business opportunities?

Business Opportunities respresentation

Well, that was unexpected!

A couple of weeks ago I published a blog which pointed out that Salient was experiencing a very quiet period, a long ‘lull’ with few takers for my courses and sessions. 

I checked and all was well with my communication, marketing, networking, products and my profile was high. 

I also checked with fellow business owners, and they too were finding it unusually quiet. I surmised that it was due to market caution, not knowing what direction the economy will take in the future.

Within the blog I offered some suggestions as to how best to deal with the situation and suggested we may still have some storm to ride.

The situation has changed. 

An Upward Trajectory

Within the last week, I have identified four new business opportunities.  More than that I have invoiced for one of them, I am agreeing training dates with another, sorting out final details with the third and arranging a presentation with the fourth. 

I am busy again!

How did this happen?

  1. It could be the success of my regular digital marketing.
  2. It could be because I increased the number of networking events I attended.
  3. Perhaps it was divine intervention, or karma.
  4. Perhaps that blog started people thinking that they needed some coaching.

On closer inspection, there appears to be no causal link between my blog and the four suggestions above.  Maybe they all contributed to the result?

My wife would tell me to stop analysing and just get on with it!

So that’s what I am going to do. ….and quietly thank everyone involved in all four causes!

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