Famine, back to Feast? – An opportunity to raise your game.


Sadly, there may be another wave on the way. Yes, another Covid wave is predicted. However, unless it is substantially more potent than the last, I think we have tasted our freedom and will be reluctant to return back to our Covid holes. Hopefully, common sense and a cautious approach will be all that’s needed to enable us to continue doing business.

So, how is business with you? I am pleased to say that Salient Sales & Training is back with a vengeance! Larger businesses are signing up for long duration team programmes (two have booked these in the last three weeks). Smaller businesses are also coming back to full networking, and not just online. Everyone I speak to feels elated, but also a little overwhelmed. The last two years has had quite an effect on all of us.

How are you coping? Are you overwhelmed, or have you made a new plan for increasing your presence in the market and engaging with more prospects post pandemic?

My larger prospects are nicely engaged, but for the smaller companies, the SMEs down to the micro-businesses? I have developed a series of 10 workshops addressing all of the key aspects of sales and selling into all markets. 

Click here for more details: Workshops

From Selling Yourself and Pitching and Presenting like a Pro, through to Securing with Ease, Time Management and Easy Decision Making. There will be at least one for you… If not the whole series.

Do you have a plan to raise your profile and engage again with the markets?

Promoting a new product or programme is just one of many ways you can do this. For some of it is like starting again, but for others it is a good opportunity to move up a gear and welcome some new active prospects.

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