What is the (business) world coming to?

thoughts on business change

So much has changed. Some things will stay changed. What are the better things you would want to keep?

Would you keep:

  • Zoom/Teams to reduce travelling to meetings?
  • Masks to hide behind?
  • Reduced physical contact to avoid space invasion?
  • Sanitisation to avoid others’ germs?

…or is there something else, some other surprise change you want to keep, or feel we should keep?

During lockdown I found myself swapping business breakfasts with regular grazing during home office breaks. Maybe I lost some self-discipline. I certainly did not lose any weight!

Since returning to some in-the-room business networking, I have found people to be keener to engage in conversation, perhaps a little less in-a-hurry? I like this aspect, but suspect it may not last as we begin to return to ‘the norm’. Is this your experience too?

But the norm is what we make of it and we are not yet fully unlocked.

We can choose a new way of behaving, new ways to engage or communicate.

We do not have to go back to all of the ‘old ways’.

What old habits/ways of working would you want to change?

What would you want to keep?

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