5 Top Tips: feeding the sales pipeline


5 TOP TIPS:  Feeding the sales pipeline.

To avoid ‘stop and start’, ‘feast and famine’ sales, where an unplanned approach to marketing fails to attract a continuous stream of prospects or enquiries, here are 5 tips designed to help achieve sales continuity and a steady flow of new business:

1/  Construct a powerful message that really catches the eye and creates interest.  Include special offers, guarantees, value statements, new testimonials etc.
2/  Devise marketing initiatives that work in parallel, not in series, i.e. have more than one promotion operating at the same time.  These could involve a newsletter, LinkedIn, flyer campaign, website ‘latest news’, networking etc.
3/  Link all the initiatives together, signposting from one to the other to reinforce the message and provide extra detail.
4/  Include a system for registering interest; on your website, return form, newsletter feed etc.
5/  Follow-up ALL contacts received, however minor the interest claimed, and try and obtain feedback as to which promotion initiative caught their attention (useful for future campaigns).

This is ‘joined-up’ marketing and, well constructed, can be far more effective at attracting new business.

This is the first of 8 in our ‘5 TOP TIPS’ series. These will be followed by:
Contacting – first impressions that count
Presenting or ‘pitching’ – building interest and credibility
Negotiation – the best deal for all
Closing – introducing the Salient Ultimate Close
Customer Care – developing loyalty
More Time – practical techniques in time management
Smart Networking – making the most of face-to-face contact

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