Salient Ethical Sales – no pressure!

Are you fed up with 'pressure selling' and 'pushy salesmen'?  

Having witnessed yet another example of this the other day I decided that Salient must now take a stand on this.  I have been promoting ethical sales since I started the company in 2007, but have never really shouted about this aspect.

Sadly, pressure selling techniques are still rife.  There are many ways of adding spin and pressure to a pitch and I am sure you have all experienced the common ones:

"This offer is only available today."  

"Normally sold at £1000, but yours for £97" (!)

"Everyone is buying this, do you want to miss out?"

‘Pressure selling’ is often confrontational, manipulative, pressured, spin-focussed and pushy.  This is less likely to engender trust, or develop an honest and productive relationship.  If you felt you had been pressured or manipulated into buying, would you want to use that supplier again?  Would you trust them?  Selling does not have to be like this.  Salient Ethical Selling uses simple techniques which rely on an open and supportive approach.  This will ALWAYS win more loyalty, more customers and more business.

WHAT IS ETHICAL SALES?  -  it is a sales ethos focussing on:

  • an honest and open approach
  • clarity and straight-talking
  • trust and mutual support
  • relationship development
  • being that bit better than the rest

How is Ethical Sales different?

‘Ethical Sales’ is about fulfilling the need of the buyer first, then the seller.

This approach has proved to be far more effective in:

  • Developing productive business relationships
  • Fostering trust and growing loyalty
  • Achieving ‘preferred/best/ideal supplier’ status
  • Winning EVERY opportunity
  • Receiving referrals, testimonials and recommendations

“In all the years I’ve known Andy and Salient I have been impressed by his absolute consistency in his determination to operate and promote an integrated and ethical approach to doing business.  I have used his ideas and found them to be effective and profitable; they work.”     Andrew Hudson, Marketing Manager, Envitec Ltd.

“In my business, building a trusting relationship is vital, without an ethical sales approach, I’d fail”.   George Seward, Owner, Corporate Mergers Ltd

With ETHICAL SALES – it’s winning all round:

THEY WIN a trustworthy and honest supplier, and...

YOU WIN their respect, their trust, their loyalty, and their continuing business.

Salient is holding Ethical Sales Training days starting in January 2014.  If you would like to find out more or book your place, talk to Andy on 01793 843118 or 07941 041364, or email


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